Freeburg ESDA on COVID-19

by Eugene Kramer, Coordinator

Freeburg ESDA

Freeburg ESDA has been receiving and sharing all data concerning the COVID-19 virus with our local Emergency Service partners of Police, Fire, Public Works, and our various divisions of Ministers On Special Emergency Services, Local Team of Nurses and of course the Community Storm Shelter managers. Every effort is being made to be on the forefront of information from our Illinois Department of Public Health, since the beginning of this outbreak.
Freeburg ESDA encourages all residences to:
1.  Call the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Hotline at 1-800-889-3931 or email :
2.  If you feel ill, DO NOT immediately report to a hospital or to your medical physician, but DO call YOUR Physician FIRST to advise of your condition.
3.  Follow the Freeburg Website as my department is placing important “safety information” on it as received from IDPH,!
4.  Follow CDC recommended actions by limiting yourself from exposure by being no more than 6 feet from persons in an area.
5.  Cover your mouth with your arm if you need to cough.
6.  Sneeze into the arm and not into your hand, if you must sneeze.
7.  Guidelines are changing as it relates to “groups” of people, but Ill. Gov. Executive Order advises NO MORE than 50 persons to be at a “gathering” and this could be reduced if CDC advises IDPH, so we are watching these details closely.
8.  For more information on Preventing COVID-19, please visit Preventing  COVID-19 Spread in Communities via your web brower.
9.  Good Hygiene is the KEY to preventing the spread of this World Wide virus.
10. IDPH strongly recommends: Social distancing measures, such as working from home when possible, limiting the amount of time spent in the community, and trying to avoid public transportation as much as possible.  This will help reduce the number of people who become sick at any given time and the possibility of exhausting our health care resources.
Remember, do NOT get “pulled in” to rumor or conjecture as medical FACTS are presented by the Illinois Department of Public Health and partners within the Illinois Emergency Management community are in constant communications.  FACTS not FEAR will help us all !
I have worked with many in this community during the H1N1 Pandemic and our citizens were the model of how to handle the hazard and concern for everyone’s well being.  No reason we can not “Lead the Way” by our actions for everyone.

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