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Release Date: July 22
Director: Jordan Peel
Starring: Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer,
and Steven Yeun
Mister Marquee Says: Yep
Number: 4/5
The Haywood siblings are struggling to keep their father’s Hollywood-trained movie-horse range afloat after he is killed by falling debris. The siblings soon notice strange, UFO-like happenings at the ranch and set out to cash in with irrefutable proof of aliens via high-def security cameras.
Jordan Peel has transitioned from the shining light of sketch comedy to one of the more unique voices in horror. While Nope doesn’t match the mind-twisting Get Out, or the sweeping ambition of Us, it nonetheless is a stylish and unique take on the sci-fi horror genre.
The most horrifying sequence is only tangentially related to the main plot. Featuring a childhood memory of a side character experiencing a meltdown from a trained chimp, it goes to show how scary a chimp attack can be. In fact, it may have been tame compared to most chimp attacks. Given the choice between aliens or a sufficiently crazed chimp, beam me up boys.
Nope is smaller in scope than Us and that’s for the best. It’s a fresh take on the genre and a fun time at the movies.

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