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Stranger Things Season 4 – Part 2

Streaming on Netflix
Number: 4/5
Mister Marquee Says:
fun but uneven
As I feared, the last two episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things didn’t have much reason to be separated other than giving Netflix an excuse to break up the release and get another month out of subscribers only there for Stranger Things. The company that pioneered bingeing may be dipping its toe in the waters of the weekly release like Disney, Hulu, and Paramount. It’s more clear than ever that Netflix has let it’s original programming slip to the degree that they have one or two bankable properties.
The second half of Season 4 doesn’t tread much new ground, as 11 prepares to fight Vecna, and the gang in Hawkins tries their own plan to take down the monster. Meanwhile, Jonathan, Mike, and Will still have almost nothing to do and are along for the ride in a very literal sense and they’re crammed into a pizza wagon.
It’s hinted that big things may be in store for Will at the end of the finale, but for the time being, the California gang are the forgotten characters. Mike has always been the least interesting of the gang, and he is still relegated to 11’s boyfriend, and that’s about it.
The finale closes with a somewhat confusing bang that sets the stage for an explosive Season 5 if and when it’s ever done. At this rate, the kids will be throwing out their backs and going bald by the time we finish this high school story. Season 5 promises to be a climactic showdown, and I’m all for it.

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