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ISP Firearms Services Bureau Provides Firearms Dealer License Certification Act and FOID Services Updates

The Illinois State Police (ISP) Firearms Services Bureau (FSB) is announcing the opening of the public comment period for rules regarding the Firearms Dealer License Certification Act (FDLCA), as well as providing a public update to the agency’s Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) efforts to date.

With the strong support of Governor JB Pritzker, the ISP continues pushing forward on its commitment to improving the enforcement of existing gun laws in Illinois. ISP FSB and Zone Investigations Offices are working with partners in law enforcement statewide to educate local agencies on procedures, enforcement, and agency responsibilities regarding the FOID Act.

With the publication of ISP’s proposed rules for the FDLCA (, ISP is now accepting public comment.

During the 45-day review period, the ISP is providing the following two methods for commenters to provide feedback.

•By email:

•By mail: Mr. Matthew R. Rentschler, Chief Legal Counsel, Illinois State Police, 801 South 7th Street, Suite 1000-S, Springfield, IL 62703.

The ISP has designated Gun Liaison Officers (GLO) within each of the seven statewide investigative zones. The GLOs, in conjunction with the ISP command, review and prioritize the individuals to be the subject of further investigation and enforcement. The ISP gives priority to revoked FOID card holders designated as a Clear and Present Danger, card holders with Mental Health Admissions, Convicted Felons, and card holders who have committed Crimes Against Persons. ISP Command prioritize any individual they deem a potential threat regardless of the reason for revocation.

The ISP has conducted 102 joint details statewide during the May through July 2019 timeframe, with local law enforcement to enforce laws regarding revoked FOID Cards. When conducting these details, officers concentrated on revoked FOID Card holders in their respective jurisdictions. As a result of these details, 256 revoked card holders are now in compliance, meaning they have surrendered their FOID card and completed a Firearm Disposition Record form as required by statute. As of today’s date, 654 law enforcement agencies statewide are enrolled in the ISP’S FSB law enforcement web portal which includes FOID revocation history information.

GLOs continue to work in conjunction with local law enforcement, contacting individuals with revoked FOID cards in an effort to gain compliance. Some areas have placed FOID binders in every sheriff’s department and at larger police departments. The FOID binders consist of instructions on how to recover a revoked FOID, examples of what documents are necessary, and all of the blank forms pertaining to the FOID process.

“We must take whatever steps we can, large and small, to strengthen the fabric of these systems because any improvement could be the one that makes the difference,” said Brendan F. Kelly, Acting Director of the Illinois State Police. “With new cadet classes making their way through the academy pipeline, ISP will have some additional personnel to help address FOID card revocations. The ISP will continue to be transparent in our efforts against firearms violence, while improving services for law enforcement and lawful gun owners.”

The ISP’s FSB call center is currently staffed with five individuals. During a Central Management Services (CMS) call study conducted October 22 through 26, 2018, those five individuals handled 15,668 calls. Additionally, the FSB receives an average of 25,000 FOID card applications per month, and during the period of January 1, 2019, through the middle of July, has processed 94,152 FOID card applications.

The ISP FSB also assisted 275 people over the course of six days during the Illinois State Fair in Springfield in 2019. During this time, there were 63 new FOID card applications taken, 47 applications to renew FOID cards, 21 expired FOID card holders reapplied for a new FOID card, 14 submitted paperwork for a lost/destroyed/stolen card, 43 individuals requested a check of the status of their FOID card, staff answered the general questions of 68 people, there were seven appeal documents handed out or questions answered regarding the appeal process, and 12 people requested a name or address change on their FOID card. The

ISP’s FSB is currently working on implementing a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution to provide much needed improvements and efficiencies to the call center. The State of Illinois vendor contract with Presidio has an estimated implementation cost of $750,000 with a recurring monthly cost of $10,000; these costs are being paid for through the State Police Firearm Services Fund. The new VoIP system allows for not only automated processes, such as completing an application without having to speak to an agent, it is also interactive. It will work in conjunction with the existing system and agents to populate their computer with information ahead of receiving a caller, to better and more quickly assist them.

The call flow allows callers to select their specific issues and potentially resolve them independent of an agent. The system will also enable a person to request a call back without having to remain on the line. In addition, it will provide callers the ability to renew a FOID card or Concealed Carry License (CCL) with no address change over the phone, including payment, without speaking to a live agent. Until improvements in the call center are completed, there are four methods for obtaining assistance with FOID/CCL related issues. Applicants may call (217) 782-7980; they can visit the Illinois State Police home page and click the Firearms tab to the left where they will find a section related directly to FOID/CCL, complete with a FAQ section:; for video tutorials related to FOID/CCL, they can visit; or they can email the FSB at where a customer service agent can provide assistance. The ISP FSB also wants to remind FOID card holders their FOID card will remain valid throughout the renewal process, as long as they apply for their card renewal prior to the expiration date on their FOID card.

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