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Drive-In Theaters Are Back!

by Hans A. Carpenter

Once again friends, we are months into the pandemic’s decimation of the movie scene, and I’m sick of writing about streaming titles. I love streaming as much as the next millennial, but as I’ve written previously, there’s nothing like the theater experience. That can be said for another somewhat abandoned piece of Americana, the drive-in theater.
If you’ve never been to a drive-in before, you’re missing out. There’s a real charm to pulling up with a full cooler and car full of snacks to a giant screen in a field somewhere and watching a double feature with your car radio for sound. In our area, we have been fortunate that the Skyview has remained operational. In many other regions, the Drive-in has gone the way of the T-Rex.
With COVID-19 shuttering theaters, drive-ins are making a comeback out of necessity, and I can only hope that introducing this experience to a new generation will lead to a permanent resurgence. I also hope that when theaters open again, we can all appreciate the fun of the movies again.

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