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The Batman

by Hans A. Carpenter

Release Date: March 4
Director: Matt Reeves
Starring: Robert Pattinson,
Zoë Kravitz, and Paul Dano
Mister Marquee Says:
Number: 5/5
Batman (Robert Pattinson) is a few years into the role of dark knight when a new threat arises. An enigmatic serial killer called The Riddler (Paul Dano) begins targeting political elites in Gotham. Batman must figure out Riddler’s taunting clues to end the bloodshed and in doing so confront the true corruption of Gotham.
It’s refreshing to see a DC movie that’s not bogged down by world building or an attempt to be epic. The Batman gives the World’s Greatest Detective his first chance on the big screen to really dig into his roots and be a detective. Director Matt Reeves serves up a story with lots of turns that never really feels confusing and serves up a situation where Batman must use his intellect and can’t punch his way out of the situation.
Paul Dano’s Riddler is pretty terrifying. The Riddler may be one of Batman’s oldest and most recognizable villains, but in most appearances he kind of sucks. Especially the crotch-thrusting cartoon from Batman Forever. Is it even fair to call this Riddler a “conspiracy theorist” if his conspiracies are 100% legit? In any event, Dano’s unhinged performance is amazingly unsettling and an easy highlight.
Pattinson is an excellent Batman, although I’m not sold on this take on Bruce Wayne. The time he spends as Bruce is a bit wooden.
The Batman brings equal part style and substance in what will go down as a highlight for the character and comic movies in general. It’s not quite The Dark Knight, but what is?

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