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by Hans A. Carpenter
Release date: February 18
Starring: Tom Holland,
Mark Wahlberg,
and Antonio Banderas
Mister Marquee says: Meh
Number: 3/5
Nate (Tom Holland) is a young pickpocket recruited by Sully (Mark Wahlberg) to complete a quest that Nate and his long-lost brother were enthralled by as kids – finding the lost gold of Magellan. To do so, the uneasy alliance will have to beat out the rich and powerful Moncada (Antonio Banderas).
Uncharted continues the annoying trend of “thieves double crossing fellow thieves” movies. While it uses the trope much more effectively than, say, Red Notice, it really doesn’t add much intrigue to the story. If you expect everyone to betray each other, it’s hard to be surprised or get invested in relationships.
Holland and Wahlberg are both fine, but Nate and Sully never really develop the chemistry to carry the pair. The addition of Chloe also does little. A lot of that lack of chemistry stems from the annoying double-cross trope hanging over the group.
Uncharted may be dumb and not particularly memorable, but it is an entertaining silly adventure flick. There is just enough likeability in the leads and silly action sequences to keep your attention. It does it’s job, no more, no less.

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